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Southwest Polishing and Plating is family Owned and Operated Since 1947. We offer high quality professional Brass, Copper and Silver metal refinishing, antique restoration, custom design, fabrication and installation services to residential and commercial clients.

We also offer Quality custom Metal Polishing for Architectural, Cleans Aluminum,Brass, Silver, Gold Also Restores Coins and Antiques.

• Peter Montes, CEO

• Gary Montes, General Manager



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General Information

Most pieces of silver, brass, bronze,or gold that have not absolutely disintegrated are worth re-plating. Of course, the most important reason is SENTIMENT. After having a piece your whole life, or having it handed down through generations, these articles become priceless heirlooms. The cost of repair and re-plating them is less significant when you take into consideration that these items are irreplaceable.



Take a moment to look over your items to be refinished. Pits and corrosion can be difficult to remove. We may not be able to remove ALL of these flaws, as this may weaken the integ rity of the piece. We can always make these items look beautiful, but they may not look 'new' if they have pits or corrosion.


Ordinarily engraving will still show up after the plating process unless it is very faint. If, however, there are deep scratches, pits, or gouges near the engraving, then we will leave these flaws in the metal. This way the engraving will be preserved. If you prefer, we can also remove the engraving, or we can have new engraving placed onto your piece for an additional charge.

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