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We are very proud of the many projects that we have been graced with over the past 61 years and would be happy to quote your next sanctuary improvement.



Southwest Polishing

• Peter Montes, CEO

• Gary Montes, General Manager



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We take pride in our work. Our team of skilled craftsmen will restore your precious articles as close to their original condition as possible. We ensure that all repairs are completed before any further restoration is taken place.



Prior to the plating process, each piece will be hand buffed down to the base metal. It is then hand polished very meticulously by our skilled polishers who wi ll remove as many pits, scratches, and other imperfections as possible. We take great care in handling your piece and ensure that only the best finish wi ll be achieved.


We have an expert plating staff on hand, who will electrolytically clean each piece before plating, to remove any remaining buffing compound residue. Next, we thoroughly check the conductivity of your piece to ensure an even plating throughout the entire surface. We will then re-plate your piece according to your specifications. We specialize in 24k Gold and .999+ Silver plating, however, we also have the ability to plate in Copper, Brass, and Nickel.

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